The Value of a Plan

The majority of people live without a definite plan.

  • Many simply drift.
  • When they “decide,” it is usually to drift.
  • If they do not “decide,” it is because drifting is easier.

To really decide is to make some definite idea dynamic.

Deliberate and choose. This mental action is not common, but consider these facts:

  • Success in life involves a goal.
  • Intelligent and persistent effort will achieve the goal.
  • Effort without a plan cannot be intelligent.
  • One cannot persist without forecasting.
  • Forecasting to a determined goal is planning.
  • Forecasting to a desired goal without considering detail steps is guessing.
  • Many people guess under the belief they are planning.
  • Forecasting to a determined goal by means of detail steps is planning intelligently.
  • Only deliberate and intelligently conceived plans have value. With the magnetic person it is certain.
  • The deliberate plan in the successful life is the expression of acquired habit.

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