The Mood of Success

Success is the outcome of its own mood. The word “mood” is defined as:

  • Temper of mind or state of mind affected by any passion or disposition
  • Temporary or capricious state or condition of the mind in regard to passion or feeling
  • Inclination toward some particular act or occupation
  • State of mind with reference to something to be done or omitted
  • Capricious feeling disposing one to action, commonly in the phrase “in the mood,” as many artists work only when they are in the mood

A mental mood or state is composed of a group of mental activities which have meaning and which cluster around some predominating activity whose meaning defines the character of the group and of the mood.

A mood is a state of mind which may be capricious, but its power depends on the central mental activity.

A mood may be inspired or depressed, worthy or ignoble, according to the character of that central activity; the “sorrowful mood,” the “buoyant mood,” the “destructive mood,” the “creative mood,” and so on.

The artist works when he is “in the mood.” He is then creative. “Creation” is the central idea or activity in the mental mood. He achieves more and gets better results when in this mood.

Such a mood may last thirty minutes, one day, six months or the best part of a lifetime. Moods, whether injurious or beneficial, tend to become permanent. The permanency of a desirable mood is a matter of endowment and will.

The will may suppress evil moods and establish beneficial moods. The method to suppress injurious moods is to replace them with helpful moods by the use of will-effort and incessant suggestion.

The mood of success is neither temporary nor capricious, but a long term mental attitude or thought-feeling of achievement. The mood of success should be held constantly in mind as you progress through this training and in all the affairs of your life. This may be done by affirming, until it is a permanent belief and expectation of the soul:

“I am resolved on success. I shall certainly achieve success.”

It is important to remember that The Power Within is not concerned with the general topic of success, but with the psychic and physical qualities which create magnetism. Every successful career provides examples of its importance. This revolutionary training program will show you how to develop and apply the principles of Success-Magnetism in your life.

This process engages the soul. It might be uncomfortable at times. It might seem difficult. It will likely oppose most of the feelings and conditions of your current life. In spite of this, if you put forth a reasonable effort, follow the instructions and complete the lessons, the mood of success will form within you and become clear, brilliant and indestructible.

You’re one click away learning a proven method to master your moods and develop a long-term mental attitude of achievement. The only question is what are you going to do now?

Unleash the Power of Success Magnetism


2 responses to “The Mood of Success

  • Martin

    I was at interview on thursday i done my best i cn offer the company i worked for them past two years im wit them this present. Today they call m to confirm that im unsuccess for position i applied for. Cn u give m tips to keep myslf within company o wat? Plz motivation

    • Charles Lewis

      There is a difference between what happens in our life (or doesn’t happen) and what we tell ourselves about it. In other words, how are you interpreting the events of your life? If the actions you are taking are not producing the results that you want, then you must take different actions in order to experience different results. I guarantee you that if you study the material in The Power Within, you will discover a way to approach life that transform your perspective and empower you to achieve the results you desire. The only thing you stand to lose is your old way of thinking. Success is your inalienable right. Make the decision that you want to claim what is yours!

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