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Your Desire for Your Goals

No matter what your goals might be, how badly do you want them? What is your level of desire? Do you hope you can accomplish them, or do you feel like you NEED to accomplish them?

Let’s consider at an example. We all need air – right? Without air, we’re dead. As we go through our day though, we hardly ever think about air. We take it for granted. True, because we don’t think about it incessantly, we’re able to direct our focus to other things – BUT without the air, none of those other things matter – do they?

Now picture yourself on the beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset. You feel the waves splashing on your legs, as you begin to walk towards the ocean. The sea water is surprisingly warm. It’s comforting. You move further away from the beach and then suddenly realize the water is now up to your chest.

Just as you become aware of how far into the ocean you’ve wandered, a huge wave knocks you off balance. You slip under the water. The current is strong, and it pulls you further from the shore.

You begin to panic Now it’s difficult to keep your head above water. At that moment, how badly do you want that air? Do you still take it for granted when you must fight the waves to get a single breath?

This is the type of desire we need when we pursue our goals. In the example, the desire for air is always there. That need doesn’t change. The difference is when you’re under water and must fight for it, you realize how important it is.

If it were possible to feel that level of desire at all time, don’t you think you could accomplish your goals faster?

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Ultimate Purpose

Most people fail because they lack a clear goal or purpose. Their desires cover the entire field of life and whatever they get comes their way by accident. Millions of people are the beneficiaries of blundering luck.

Take a look around and you will find countless examples of how an Ultimate Purpose has transformed poverty to wealth. People who at one time, were of no value to society, have become indispensable.

The person who is indispensable owns the situation.

The soul that resolves to will an Ultimate Purpose makes an imperious call on the nature of things. Most of us understand that the individual must adjust himself or herself to life, but few perceive the greater law.

Life is forever engaged in a struggle to adjust itself to the individual.

All that is required is that you treat life with some degree of dignity and that you make your demands in a state of mind where your Ultimate Purpose is your highest priority. Everything else is secondary.

This is an excerpt from Dynamic Will: The Most Powerful Force in the World.

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