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Your Desire for Your Goals

No matter what your goals might be, how badly do you want them? What is your level of desire? Do you hope you can accomplish them, or do you feel like you NEED to accomplish them?

Let’s consider at an example. We all need air – right? Without air, we’re dead. As we go through our day though, we hardly ever think about air. We take it for granted. True, because we don’t think about it incessantly, we’re able to direct our focus to other things – BUT without the air, none of those other things matter – do they?

Now picture yourself on the beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset. You feel the waves splashing on your legs, as you begin to walk towards the ocean. The sea water is surprisingly warm. It’s comforting. You move further away from the beach and then suddenly realize the water is now up to your chest.

Just as you become aware of how far into the ocean you’ve wandered, a huge wave knocks you off balance. You slip under the water. The current is strong, and it pulls you further from the shore.

You begin to panic Now it’s difficult to keep your head above water. At that moment, how badly do you want that air? Do you still take it for granted when you must fight the waves to get a single breath?

This is the type of desire we need when we pursue our goals. In the example, the desire for air is always there. That need doesn’t change. The difference is when you’re under water and must fight for it, you realize how important it is.

If it were possible to feel that level of desire at all time, don’t you think you could accomplish your goals faster?

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Focus Your Anger and Get It Right

So let me get this straight. Corporations have money and political influence and you think the solution is to whine and complain about it? What do you possibly hope to accomplish by doing that? Do you think that if you make enough noise, they’ll just give in and hand their money over to you?

Do you realize that – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – every single major corporation was started by somebody just like you, who had NOTHING except a burning desire to CHANGE SOMETHING!

SONY was started in the bombed out remains of Tokyo after WWII by a bunch of guys with a passion for electronics. The city was in ruins and those guys had NO MONEY, but they created some of the most innovative and popular electronics of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, including the Trinitron TV, the Walkman and the Playstation. Don’t forget that they DOMINATED the electronics industry for decades!!!

APPLE COMPUTER was started in a garage by a couple of dope-smoking hippies. Everybody who knew anything about technology at the time told them they needed to go back to college and finish their degree before they could ever contribute anything worthwhile to society.

They didn’t whine and complain about somebody else having all money and all the opportunities. They CREATED THEIR OWN OPPORTUNITIES and re-defined the computer industry. In the process, they put some of those same authority figures out of business, (Commodore, Digital Equipment Corporation, Atari, etc.)

You have a right to be angry. You have a right to be disillusioned. Your parents have spent this country into bankruptcy and set up systems like social security, government pensions and medical insurance which mandate that you will finance their extravagant lifestyles long after they’re gone.

It’s not a question of whether or not it’s fair. It’s not a question of whether or not you like it. The question is simply this:

Are you going to accept it or are you going to change it?

Big business and the government are both hoping you keep pointing your finger at them. Blaming them for all that’s wrong with the world. Blaming them because you have no money, no opportunities and no future. That’s right! They want you blame them! Why??? Because while you’re pointing your finger at them, you’ll never figure out their biggest secret.

They are fat, lazy and scared!!!

When is the last time you ever heard of a large corporation or a big bureaucracy coming up with anything innovative? Or ever taking real chances? Or ever finding a real solution?

Take a look at history. It has never happened! The closest they’ve ever come is when they buy out the innovators and/or steal their ideas.

Your future is your responsibility. Channel that frustration. Focus that anger. There are a million ways to do it wrong, but if you make the decision that you can and you will accomplish it, then you will find the way to do it right.

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