Magnetic Confidence

Your feeling of confidence is a positive vibration in your personal ether which induces responsive vibrations in others. They feel your confidence and this feeling acts by way of suggestion upon their nervous centers.

They desire to yield to your will and to carry out your ideas. They can rarely resist these magnetic impulses when you have massed your faith and will upon them. Sometimes they are swept off their feet, but this is not always a true magnetic result.

It is better to win their deliberate assent, and this end may be secured with certainty, unless you are hopelessly opposed by external conditions or unquestionably stronger personalities, which should seldom be admitted.

Confidence is either a gift or an acquisition. In the latter case, it is born of opportunities successfully taken. Whenever an opportunity is declined because of fear, confidence is weakened because consciousness emphasizes the lack of it.

Etheric vibrations are induced which injuriously affect the subconscious mind or confirm existing psychic states. When an opportunity is accepted, the opposite effects follow.

Acceptance of opportunities strengthens faith in self, even if the outcome isn’t satisfactory, provided the will persists to accept other opportunities. Under this method, the growth of confidence is not stopped by occasional failures. No one fails and no one succeeds, absolutely and always in all efforts. Specific suggestions are now offered.

  • You should acquire readiness for opportunity by exercising alertness and fidelity, especially in all the minor affairs of life. Every detail is infinitely important to him who is determined to develop Success-Magnetism.
  • You should, with either real or forced confidence, accept every opportunity that comes your way; do your absolute best with it, believe unflinchingly that you will succeed, and shut the door of the mind against all fear and worry.
  • Striving always to be ready, you should seek opportunities not apparent and create chances not yet existing. No person strives earnestly to make an opportunity who does not in the striving (if it be real) develop self-confidence.
  • As to failures, when opportunities have been seized, you are invited to consult and apply the preceding methods.

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