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Only Unsatisfied Needs Motivate

Have you ever heard someone say, “all my needs are met?” If what we habitually tell ourselves eventually becomes a belief, is it wise to say this?

There’s nothing wrong with gratitude. In fact, staying grateful is vital to maintaining our peace of mind and sense of purpose – BUT if we believe that all our needs are satisfied, then what about motivation?

Only unsatisfied needs can motivate us to take action.

One of the few things we have control over is what we tell ourselves, so maybe we should create pictures in our mind of unsatisfied needs. If that internal feeling of an unsatisfied need is strong enough, it could provide the motivation to do things that are a bit uncomfortable, but those actions could be what is necessary to achieve our goals.

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It Has Traveled Through Time to Find You

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Get a Clear Vision of What You Want

The most important thing we must do, to ensure our success and to ensure that we get rich, is to have a clear picture of what we want. If we don’t know what we want or the picture of what we want is vague or uncertain, we run the risk of being influenced by others who may not be looking out for our best interests.

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Who is Wallace Wattles?

Wallace Wattles wrote the book, The Science of Getting Rich, in 1910. One theory is this “new age” way of thinking about wealth, promoted in his book and others like it, set up the economic boom of the 1920’s.

Our current pandemic is similar to the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920, so maybe we should revisit the concepts presented in the book. It might help us, individually and collectively, prepare for the time period after shelter-in-place and social distancing.

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Morning Mindset Motivation

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Who Said You Can’t Make a Difference?

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The Road to Your Dreams Starts Right Here


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Tilt the Odds in Your Favor


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Success Magnetism YouTube Channel

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Mystical Magnetism: The Answer You Seek

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