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Knowledge by itself has little value, but the application of that knowledge is the basis for power. Here you will find the tools you need to access, focus and use that power to produce results.

Through the power of the internet and social media, we are committed to bringing the powerful message of Success Magnetism to a world-wide audience.

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Suggestions to Cultivate the Mood of Success

This process will engage your soul. It might be uncomfortable at times. It might seem difficult. It will likely oppose most of the feelings and conditions of your current life. In spite of this, if you put forth a reasonable effort, follow the instructions and complete the lessons contained in The Power Within: the mood of success will form within you and become clear, brilliant and indestructible. Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep out of the “back-yards” of your life. Those environments or soul-states where the refuse of existence and injurious or useless growths are favored.
  • Rise as frequently as possible to the highest level of your endowments and maintain that altitude as permanently as possible.
  • Insist upon the unwearied vision of yourself as splendidly successful.
  • When a contrary thought or opposing mood appears, treat it as absolutely false and temporary. This way you can discount and disorganize any depressing mood in life.
  • When you think you suffer a defeat, or if you actually do, proceed instantly to recover the success-mood as follows:
    • Go into the silence and secure mental quiet.
    • Divert your mind by any agreeable method into moods which cheer and encourage.
    • Strive to come around, but never by direct approach, to that state of the soul in which you can again picture yourself as successful.
    • Resolve to entirely banish out of your life all brooding over misfortune, all worry about the future and all depressing comparison with others.
  • Resolve to entirely banish out of your life all brooding over misfortune, all worry about the future and all depressing comparison with others.
  • Maintain unyieldingly the great affirmation of human welfare: “Whatever happens, I, the true self of me, am coming out in the end a free and royal soul.”

You are building a permanent mood and the time and effort required to do this depends entirely upon you. It is as certain as law that if you implement these suggestions, you will realize the splendid value of the First Preliminary Intention of this training:

Treat yourself as a live and surely successful proposition.


Dynamic Thought

  • Most people live without a definite plan.
  • They simply drift through life.
  • When they “decide,” it is usually to drift.
  • If they do not “decide,” it is because drifting is easier.

To really decide is to make some definite idea dynamic.

adjective: dynamic

  • (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.  “a dynamic economy”
  • (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas. “she’s dynamic and determined”

synonyms:    energetic, spirited, active, lively, zestful, vital, vigorous, forceful, powerful, positive, high-powered, aggressive, bold, enterprising, magnetic, passionate, fiery, high-octane; “he was eclipsed by his more dynamic colleagues”

antonyms:    half-hearted

noun: dynamic

A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process. “evaluation is part of the basic dynamic of the project”

Exercise to Develop the Mood of Success

You are invited to devote five minutes of every morning to the quiet, intensely energetic and believing assertion made in the depths of the soul:

“I now belong to the successful class. I am a success.”

The statement should be repeated slowly and deliberately, again and again, until you feel yourself ready for achievement. Ignore every contrary suggestion or conviction. Don’t argue against appearances, but welcome every favorable thought. Don’t try to believe what you say. Willfully assume that you believe.

Repeat this affirmation during the day, whatever your occupation, regardless of conditions. One month may be sufficient, or you may need to observe the exercise many weeks, but ultimately you will find yourself possessed of a new spirit.

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The Enemy Has A Name

There is a deceptive and cunning enemy who wants to steal your freedom. It has doomed millions to self-imposed bondage. Some might know when it has them in its grip, but countless others don’t even realize this hidden power is preventing them from experiencing richer, freer and happier conditions of life.

This enemy has a name and its name is Fear. It assumes numerous disguises. It appears in various phases of your daily life. It has wrecked more careers and ruined more happiness than all the wars of history. Millions of people believe they are beyond its influence, while it silently rides on their backs and laughs at them.

Most misunderstand what fear really is. Most think of it as being afraid to meet certain people, or fearing an accident might happen to them or their loved ones. Yet there are fears of the future, fears of one’s self, fears of events, fears of natural phenomena, fears of old age, fears of poverty. And there are still more hidden, stunting fears developed by the un-religious teachings of blind, bigoted, crafty Religion.

We will explore new views of individual nature, personal fears and avenues of self-discovery. These are wholesome and uplifting, but we will also uncover more than a mere conquest of fear. You see, we are embarking on an adventure into the heart of a courageous life philosophy. We will tear away the bonds of habit, thought and action which have smothered your true inner Self.

“For all may have, if they dare choose, a glorious life.” – Herbert

Many people become distressed by their fears. You might be one of them, but rest assured that you can grow in your soul a perfect courage.

The methods to achieve perfect courage are simple and they are available to anyone. They might seem difficult at first, but they will become easier as you make them a real part of your life.

Do not say, “Be courageous.”

Do not say, “Destroy fear.”

This is common advice, but it is worthless unless you know how to do it. Our methods are definite and practical. Our methods get results. Here are three powerful methods to conquer fear.

  •  Inspiration of the Subconscious Mind. You are invited to believe, assume and realize that “I am growing in my soul a perfect courage.”
  • Elimination of Fear. This is the negative phase of our work. Specific instructions will be given to eliminate every kind of fear.
  • Development of Spiritual Courage. Understand that the word “spiritual” does not mean religious in the ordinary sense, but rather the kind of courage which is the breath and tone of the Infinite Life manifest in human life.

The Infinite Life in you is in harmony with the Infinite Life which is The Good, The Beautiful, The True, The All-Health, The Father, The Infinite Soul of this wonderful Universe in which we live. If you come to harmony with the Infinite Life, your fears will vanish because you will then share in the Courage of the Eternal Good.

There are two kinds of courage.

  • The Courage That Dares and Wins. “With a giant strive, I will charge a dragon on the field!” In these lines we have the first kind of courage. It is good, but there is another which is vastly superior.
  • The Courage That Smiles and Receives. “I am the courage of the soul, harmonic with the perfect whole.” These lines demonstrate the second kind of courage. There is none that is higher. It’s love within us made perfect, so that we may have boldness.

These are our methods. They are presented for your approval. They are stated plainly so you can move from one fear to another until your entire list is disposed of.

This is a short excerpt from the revolutionary book, Break Free: How to Conquer Fear. You deserve to own this book, absorb its message and completely eliminate fear from your life once and for all.

The only thing you stand to lose is your old way of thinking. Is that really more important than the opportunity to experience true freedom?

Break Free: How to Conquer Fear

Ultimate Purpose

Most people fail because they lack a clear goal or purpose. Their desires cover the entire field of life and whatever they get comes their way by accident. Millions of people are the beneficiaries of blundering luck.

Take a look around and you will find countless examples of how an Ultimate Purpose has transformed poverty to wealth. People who at one time, were of no value to society, have become indispensable.

The person who is indispensable owns the situation.

The soul that resolves to will an Ultimate Purpose makes an imperious call on the nature of things. Most of us understand that the individual must adjust himself or herself to life, but few perceive the greater law.

Life is forever engaged in a struggle to adjust itself to the individual.

All that is required is that you treat life with some degree of dignity and that you make your demands in a state of mind where your Ultimate Purpose is your highest priority. Everything else is secondary.

This is an excerpt from Dynamic Will: The Most Powerful Force in the World.

Find Out How You Can Direct Your Will

The Power of Magnetism

Success in any field, including the spiritual, requires more than perseverance and effort. Your success will ultimately depend on your personal magnetic powers. The right magnetic attitude always accomplishes more than hard work.

Your success also depends on the strength of your personal magnetism to attract it to yourself. You can even attract the right knowledge. All the facts you need can be attracted by the right magnetic expectation.

Intuition – the magnetic power of calm, inner feeling – will guide you to the right answers far more accurately than your rational intellect.

Do you know how to generate magnetism? It’s determined by the strength and quality of the energy you project. The amount of this energy depends on the strength of your willpower. The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.

The Power Within will show you how to develop your latent magnetic powers. Apply them in business, in school, in love, in every aspect of your life.

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Discover Your Greatness

Everyone can become great, some quicker than others. You’ve probably already experienced flashes of this greatness. Who hasn’t had at least one great idea at some point in their life?

This is an isolated glimpse of the potential for greatness that exists within you. The tragedy though, is most people don’t know what to do with it or how to express it. Now you know the answer. It is the power of the Will.

All greatness can finally be comprehended. It is in the personality. A great person has the personality of intensity. The personality of potential. The personality of power. This person has united all of his/her human qualities and achieved perfect harmony with the highest and mightiest phases of development.

Consciousness is the aim and purpose of life. The highest forms of life possess the most intense consciousness. They experience the freest expansion of feeling, thought, and action. The most supreme beings are capable of securing for themselves the most invigorating life experiences.

Practice these exercises and they will gradually establish in your conscious mind the feeling that you are living and acting according to infallible law. You will soon realize that you are directing your own course. You can deliberately proceed whichever way you want.

As you unfold this higher consciousness, you will experience a deep inner confidence that you are your own master. You will be unaffected by the external forces from other people or nature itself. These are the same forces that toss everyone else around like feathers in the wind.

This supreme consciousness is how to measure your greatness. It is the gauge of your independence. It qualifies you to come and go upon the earth however you choose. It makes you a super-human.

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