The Unit Within the System

We all interact and function within different systems. There is the larger societal system and several smaller sub-systems. We have national, state and local systems, as well as work, home and social systems.

Consider this idea: “The unit within the system that has the most behavioral responses to it, controls the system.”

You are the unit in any system you interact and function in. If your response to any given situation is driven by emotions and/or programed (learned) behavior, then you are controlled by that system.

On the other hand, if you have multiple responses available to you and are able to choose the most appropriate one, you (the unit) will control that system.

The question then becomes how can we learn different responses?

The first step is to become aware of our programmed response. When we understand that our programmed response does not serve us, then we become ready to look for alternatives.

Most times, we’ll find those alternatives from modeling the behavior of others. For example, if John did not get upset and quit his job when confronted with a similar situation as I face, how did John think about that situation so that his response did not put his financial security at risk?

If I could study John and begin to understand how John interacts and functions in the system, then I might be able to learn an alternative response.

Once I learn that alternative response, I would then have a choice when confronted with the situation and begin to move towards controlling the system.

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