Psychic Demand Lesson From the NFL‏

There are forces that will help you get what you want, but you must recognize that there are also forces which will oppose you and prevent you from achieving your goals. This doesn’t contradict anything you already know about the Law of Psychic Demand. In fact, this single piece of information will help you get results.

  • Physical life struggles to realize itself in nature. It is opposed by a something which we may call inertia (against life), the manifestation being death.
  • Mind struggles to realize itself. It is also opposed by an inertia (against truth) which manifests in many ways; call the general opposition ignorance.
  • Moral powers struggle to realize themselves, but are opposed by a something which can be called inertia (against right).

One way to visualize how you can “win” over these opposing forces is to consider the mindset of a successful NFL quarterback. It could be Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or whoever else you might think of.

When he stands at the line of scrimmage and looks out over the defense, he sees eleven men who have spent their entire lives training and preparing to do one thing. Stop him from achieving his objective.

What kind of success would he have if he thought, “It’s just not right. That middle linebacker is too big and too strong.”

Or what if he thought this. “Life is not fair. That cornerback is faster than my receiver. It’s almost as if he knows exactly what I’m going to do. He’s preventing me from getting what I want.”

Of course he doesn’t think that. His mind is focused on how he is going to out-smart that defense and get the ball in the end zone.

You must find that same kind of focus in order to out-smart the forces which oppose you, whether they be your fears, the opinions and comments of others or all those things your belief system tells you about what can and can’t be done. (Remember that at one time, the best scientific minds in the world said it was impossible for man to fly.)

There is a sense of freedom that comes when you follow these steps:

  • Clearly define your goal (the end zone)
  • Recognize that there are forces which oppose you
  • Make a decision that you are more powerful than those opposing forces
  • Focus your entire being on out-smarting those forces
  • Execute your plan to achieve your goal by using the principles of Success Magnetism to find a way over, around or through those opposing forces

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