Discover Your Greatness

Everyone can become great, some quicker than others. You’ve probably already experienced flashes of this greatness. Who hasn’t had at least one great idea at some point in their life?

This is an isolated glimpse of the potential for greatness that exists within you. The tragedy though, is most people don’t know what to do with it or how to express it. Now you know the answer. It is the power of the Will.

All greatness can finally be comprehended. It is in the personality. A great person has the personality of intensity. The personality of potential. The personality of power. This person has united all of his/her human qualities and achieved perfect harmony with the highest and mightiest phases of development.

Consciousness is the aim and purpose of life. The highest forms of life possess the most intense consciousness. They experience the freest expansion of feeling, thought, and action. The most supreme beings are capable of securing for themselves the most invigorating life experiences.

Practice these exercises and they will gradually establish in your conscious mind the feeling that you are living and acting according to infallible law. You will soon realize that you are directing your own course. You can deliberately proceed whichever way you want.

As you unfold this higher consciousness, you will experience a deep inner confidence that you are your own master. You will be unaffected by the external forces from other people or nature itself. These are the same forces that toss everyone else around like feathers in the wind.

This supreme consciousness is how to measure your greatness. It is the gauge of your independence. It qualifies you to come and go upon the earth however you choose. It makes you a super-human.

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