How I Discovered Success Magnetism

About ten years ago, I had some success selling antiques and collectibles on eBay. I did it full-time for about three years, but then business dropped off. I wound up getting a “normal” job, but never got completely out of eBay. I was always buying and selling things, especially old books and maps.

Somewhere along the line, there was a portion of an old book included with one I had purchased. I don’t know how long it stayed in that pile of stuff I didn’t know what to do with, but one day while I was rearranging my storage room, I started flipping through it. I’m not sure why I started reading it that day, but when I started, I couldn’t stop.

I call it a “manuscript” because it really wasn’t a complete book. It was tattered and worn. The binding was gone and most of the pages were loose. Some had been torn out and stuck in the back. In the margins on some of the separated pages, outside the original text, were hand-written notes. I have no idea who wrote those notes, but in a lot of respects, those notes were more illuminating than the original text. I started piecing it all together and then started typing it in on my computer.

As I was working on it, I found myself applying it in my life and let me tell you, I started getting some amazing results! I tripled my income in 30 days. I went from not being able to get a date to having 2-3 women wanting to go out with me on the same night. I quit my job and got a new one where I was ten-times happier.

When this kind of stuff started happening for me, I knew I had stumbled upon something very powerful. Something other people could use. Something other people needed to know about.

That’s when I knew what I had to. I had finally found my purpose. I decided that my mission is to bring the message of Success Magnetism to a world-wide audience.

This truly is the most powerful information you will ever experience! You deserve to know about it:

You Deserve to Know About This

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