Your Brain Is Like a Battery

Science affirms that “the structure of the nervous substances, and experiments made upon the nerves and nerve-centers, establish beyond doubt certain peculiarities as belonging to the force that is exercised by the brain.”

This force is a current in nature. It is a power generated at one part of the structure, conveyed along an intervening substance and discharged at some other part. The different forms of electricity and magnetism have made us familiar with this kind of action.

The arrangement of the nerve-envelopes is like that of the best constructed electrical cables. We cannot help thinking that both were constructed to conduct something very much like it. Some will maintain that nerve-forces are not electricity, and they aren’t, in the sense that an electrical battery is the same as a live person; but the nerve-force is closely allied to that wonderful thing that, for lack of a better and clearer understanding, we call electricity.”

The brain being a kind of battery, and the nerves being conductors of released stored-energy to different parts of the body by an action similar to electricity, it is suggested that either by means of the ether, or of some still finer reality, discharges of brain-energy are conducted beyond the limits of the body.

If the nerve-tracts correspond to wires, this refined medium may correspond to the ether-field employed by wireless electronics. Just as electrical movements are conducted without wires or other visible media, brain-discharges can be conveyed beyond the mechanism of the battery, without the intervention of nerves.

Such discharges originate in a combination of two ways:

  • By direct mental action
  • By mental or physical states

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