Conscious and Subconscious Mental Activities

The development of magnetism has to do with unfolding your latent subconscious forces so they dominate your conscious self and magnetically handle all your personal possessions; your body, your senses and all of your emotional, mental, moral and volitional “faculties.”

The self is possessed of what is called “consciousness,” the sum-total of brain-activities which are mental in character. Consciousness does not mean mere awareness because the sum-total of mental activities includes both the ones we are aware of, as well as the ones we aren’t. In other words, “mind” is  both aware-conscious and subconscious.

There is the mental self with which you are familiar and a mental self of which you know very little. This is the subconscious self, the deeper reality of your personality.

The action of the brain-battery occurs first in the subconscious and then in the conscious mind. Both the conscious and the subconscious mental activities originate vibratory movements in the ether within and surrounding the body.

Your deepest self, the personal YOU, is a spiritual unit, but in its unity, the self exhibits consciousness and also hides below consciousness, reporting to it. The deeper self, the subconscious, possesses all those primal powers of human nature which are sometimes referred to as “occult,” in addition to the ordinary conscious “faculties.”

Among these so-called “occult” powers, such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychic healing, hypnotism, and the like, personal magnetism stands supreme and is most important.

Every human being possesses a capacity for magnetic development, but not everyone is equally endowed. Some individuals are greatly magnetic by nature, but everyone is capable of developing their own latent powers.

Whether natural or developed, real and permanent magnetism resides in the subconscious self and manifests in the conscious self, just as energy is created in the boiler (the steam) and manifests in the engine.

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