Perception of Success

A person’s success engages and is limited by endowments, opportunities, environment, relations to life and the future. These factors are involved in any measure of success.

It’s not possible to transcend these factors. They constitute limits. One can achieve a degree of success which engages, either partly or fully, some or all of these factors, but seem to be unsuccessful, by either:

  • One’s own opinion, when measured by ambition
  • The judgment of others
  • From the point of view of various possible but non-existent relations in life
  • A misconceived present

Ignore All These Factors!

Success must be determined by the consciousness of the fully awakened individual considered with reference to conditions as they are now, not as they might be, and never with reference to the judgment of others. This insistence on the living consciousness may involve mistakes, but it is indispensable.

This is an excerpt from the Perception of Success section in The Power Within. Get your copy and find out whether you’re the type of person who can apply this training in your life to get results.

Unleash the Power of Success Magnetism

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