Exercise to Develop Magnetic Will

An attitude is a thought or feeling toward an object, act or state which is expressed in mental or physical activity. There are two ways of determining to either accomplish a task or to influence a person, each having its own particular attitude.

  • The first is a hard setting of the will to a purpose.
  • The second does not have a rigid fixing of the resolution, but the mind assumes an agreeable, winning condition, with an outward appearance of self control and attractiveness.

The first attitude would express itself like this “I am bound to accomplish this thing. I am determined to force this person to my way.”

This is not magnetic. It throws the ether into violent and repellent vibrations which react injuriously upon the self.  The other attitude declares itself as follows:

“I am resolved, without disturbance to my own mind or repulsion to others, to do this one thing, splendidly, satisfactorily. I am determined to attract this person to the doing of my desire.”

This is highly magnetic because it sets up etheric vibrations which are agreeable, both to self and to others.

  • You are invited to analyze your will-attitudes so you can discover the magnetic and non-magnetic elements. If you find them accompanied by mental conditions which are disagreeable to yourself, or you perceive they would be disagreeable to others, they are non-magnetic and repellent.
  • You are urged to cultivate, by thoughtfulness and practice, a permanent attitude of will which you are willing to expose to all other persons because even if it were known, it is fair and honorable to their interests. Your mental condition will then be agreeable to self.
  • Such an agreeable state of feeling will swing you into harmony with the ether pervading inanimate objects and give you smoothness of action and sure control as you seek to handle them. The talismanic sentence is,“I will, without war, without friction, in the soul or in the outer world.”

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