Magnetic Confidence

Your feeling of confidence is a positive vibration in your personal ether which induces responsive vibrations in others. They feel your confidence and this feeling acts by way of suggestion upon their nervous centers.

They desire to yield to your will and to carry out your ideas. They can rarely resist these magnetic impulses when you have massed your faith and will upon them. Sometimes they are swept off their feet, but this is not always a true magnetic result. It is better to win their deliberate assent, and this end may be secured with certainty, unless you are hopelessly opposed by external conditions or unquestionably stronger personalities, which should seldom be admitted.

No one wins all the time. Success is a matter of general average. These methods for applying confidence-magnetism are perfectly certain in that sense and with people as they come and go, provided they are persistently practiced as well as understood.

It should be remembered that it’s impossible to maintain confidence in dealing with people whom you antagonize, or by methods which arouse their hostility.

Remember our initial principle, “Confidence creates and sustains magnetic harmony.”

This is a short excerpt from the Magnetic Confidence section in The Power Within. Get your copy today and unleash the power of Success Magnetism in your life.


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