Magnetic Fidelity

There are two varieties of fidelity, the non-magnetic and the magnetic, that of the slave and that of the ambitious freeman. Let us look to the animal kingdom for examples.

The ox does his master’s bidding faithfully; no more, no less. This is non-magnetic fidelity. The dog also does his master’s bidding, and he frequently anticipates the man’s desires. He serves with eagerness and is eager to serve. This fidelity is intensely magnetic. The man values his ox, but loves his dog. The ox eats the master’s hay and the dog licks the master’s hand.

Reciprocity expresses a philosophy. The ox puts his utmost strength into his work, but excites little, if any, admiration. The horse throws himself against his collar and joins his ambition with that of his owner. Every spectator is now an admirer.

No animal is more magnetic than the dog. His service expresses mutuality of attraction. If he could be promoted, we would have long ago made him, not the lion, king of beasts.

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